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Bulat Yessekin
Executive Director
Cohort 4

Russian Regional Environmental Centre directored by Michael Kozeltsev, Cohort 1. It is one of the similar centres (RECs) established in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States (Hungary, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova).

The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) being a juridical person that implements its activity in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an independent, non-profit and non-political international organization. >More

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"ECO-Accord" Centre

Olga Speranskaya,
Cohort 3

Olga Ponizova, Cohort 2

Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development was established in 1992 as a non-governmental, non-profit citizens' organisation. «Eco-Accord» coope- rates with a wide range of organizations from Russia and Newly Independent States as well as from all over the world. “Eco-Accord” takes an active part in internatio- nal processes “Environment for Europe”, “Environment and Health”, cooperation on environment and sustainable development in Asia-Pacific Region.


Globalizaiton, WTO and the NIS

Project of the Earth Council in cooperation in Eco-Accord and ISSD with support of the Ford Foundation

For the newly independent states of Eastern Europe and central Asia (NIS), full participation in the global trading system presents a serious challenge for economic growth and development. Ensuring that trade growth and economic development are sustainable poses a closely related challenge for these same states. This site looks at some of the issues and challenges facing those in the region who are seeking to increase trade markets in a sustainable development context.

Implementation of the Stockholm Convention in the Republic of Moldova

Andrei Isac , Cohort 6

The overall project objective is to develop a National Implementation Plan (NIP) and provide supporting capacity strengthening  such that the Republic of Moldova can effectively protect human health and the environment from persistent organic pollutants  and can fully comply with its obligations under the Stockholm Convention: Within this overall objective the following specific  objectives have been identified:
•Developing of a participatory process for identifying POPs related environmental and health problems and formulating a  National Implementation Plan (NIP) and thereby strengthen national capacity and enhance knowledge and understanding achieve a high level of awareness amongst decision-makers, managers, industry, and the public at large on POPs.

•Strengthen national institutional and technical capacity as required to undertake implementation of the NIP, meet Convention compliance and reporting obligations, and participate fully as a Party to the Stockholm Convention.

•Obtain timely ratification of the Stockholm Convention based on a full understanding of and commitment to meeting national  obligations under it.


LEAD project  "Green Triangle"

Olga Philippova, Cohort 1

Eldar Kurbanov, Cohort 6

English - Russian Glossary on Environment And Development 

Russia, India and Ukraine Contribution of LEAD fellows to the mitigation greenhouse gases 


R&D Center ScanEx

Racurs Company

Olga Gershenzon , Cohort 7

Victor Adrov, Cohort 2

Research & Development Center ScanEx is a Russian private company providing full integrated solutions for satellite  remote sensing applications. We can offer cost-effective innovative technologies for Earth imagery collection, dissemination and problem-solving use. Our expertise covers electronic engineering, software development, image processing, large volume archive management, remote sensing and associated GIS techniques. >More

Since its foundation in 1993 RACURS Co. has been developing an innovative digital mapping software for processing aerial, space and terrestrial stereo imagery. Today, PHOTOMOD software is recognized as the most popular digital photogrammetric workstation (DPW) in Russia. >More