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Intercohort Meeting LEAD CIS  
16 - 18 January 2004, Golitsino, Russia

   Proposed Schedule

16 January

17 January

18 January

  Session 1: Opening and context setting Session 5: Funding and Fundraising Challenges: LEAD International and LEAD CIS
  Session 2: Plenary brainstorming and working groups on the future Session 6: Governance Issues – Plenary Session

Session 7: Governance Issues – Working Group Recommendations

  Lunch Lunch
  Session 3: LEAD CIS Fellows and Action Projects: Working Groups Session 8: Plenary Reporting of Recommendations
Participants arrive Session 4: Plenary Reporting and Discussion Session 9: Gap Analysis, Next Steps and Closing Remarks
Dinner Dinner Participants depart



 Saturday 17 January





Session 1

Opening and context setting

  • Welcome (Nikita Glazovsky, LEAD CIS Director, and Julia Marton-Lefèvre, LEAD International Executive Director)
  • Overview of the inter-cohort meeting and results to be achieved
  • LEAD International Executive Director report on LEAD: History activities, future plans, and vision, Julia Marton-Lefèvre
  • Questions and answers
  • LEAD CIS Director’s report on development of LEAD CIS: History, activities, future plans and vision, Nikita Glazovsky
  • Questions and answers
  • General discussion
10:30 Coffee/Tea Break  

Session 2

Plenary Brainstorming and Working Groups on the future

• Plenary Brainstorming: Characteristics of a successful future LEAD CIS programme (indicators generation – 10 min)

  • Conversation Café’s working group exercise
  • 4 Working groups will be formed, each with a different question:
  • 1) The overall objectives of LEAD International and LEAD CIS;
  • 2) The relationship between LEAD CIS and the rest of the LEAD Network; (Julia, I think these two questions are not rich enough to have groups work on them for such a long time. They seem administrative to me. I would put all groups on the last two, they are more interesting.)
  • 3) Ways of involving LEAD Fellows in LEAD activities;
  • 4) Ideas on how to strengthen the LEAD Network in the CIS.
13:00 Lunch  

Session 3

LEAD CIS Fellows and Action Projects: Working Groups

  • The same 4 Working Groups will reconstitute to consider the following question: What are some specific action projects to be undertaken by LEAD CIS in capacity building and in collective actions designed to make an impact on sustainable development in: Different countries of the CIS; in the entire CIS region; Internationally? (45 min)
  • After this discussion, the Working Groups will consolidate their discussions into a 10 minute plenary report.


Coffee Break


Session 4

Plenary Reporting and Discussion

  • The 4 Working Groups report their discussions to plenary
  • After the four reports, the plenary “listens to the center” for common themes, points of convergence and wrap-up by moderators
  • Discussion


End of Session  


Dinner Informal Discussions


Sunday 18 January





Session 5

Funding and Fundraising Challenges: LEAD International and LEAD CIS

  • Opening remarks to plenary discussion of funding and fundraising challenges for LEAD in general and for LEAD CIS in particular (10 mins)
  • Prior to the plenary discussion a brief SWOT analysis will be held to identify: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to successful fundraising for LEAD International and LEAD CIS (20 minutes) Four groups will each look at a separate item for both LI and LEAD CIS – brief plenary reporting (5 mins each group)
  • Discussion (40 mins)
10:30 Coffee/Tea Break  

Session 6

Governance Issues:
Plenary Discussion

  • Plenary discussion of the governance structure of LEAD CIS and LEAD International to best serve the new directions of LEAD.

Session 7

Governance Issues:
Working Group Recommendations

  • Buzz Groups exercise: Small groups discuss governance issue and formulate specific recommendations to LEAD CIS and LEAD International and then make a list of their top 5 recommendations,
13:00 Lunch  

Session 8

Plenary Reporting of Recommendations

  • In plenary, each group will be asked to share their top item with the plenary, then the next highest priority, and so on until all 5 top recommendations have been heard and recorded.
  • Open discussion
16:00 Coffee Break  



Session 9

Gap Analysis, Next Steps and Closing Remarks

  • This session will start with a brief discussion of gaps: What’s missing, what should happen to strengthen the results of the discussions. (15 min)
  • The next steps will be discussed and some key deadlines/dates agreed upon (if needed)
  • Closing remarks from LEAD International Executive Director and LEAD CIS Director
17:30 End of Session  
    Participants depart